Deacon Industrial's Proprietary "Market Alerts" are created and distributed quarterly to registered customers, providing invaluable insight into current commodity pricing, lead times, and related product categories.

This tool empowers purchasers, buying agents, etc., by providing data needed to forecast pricing and lead time volatility for copper, plastic, and steel categories, allowing them to make better strategic decisions that affect the bottom line.

If you would like to be added to our distribution list, simply provide the information below and hit submit. A Deacon representative will contact you within two working days from submission.


"The quarterly Supply Market Outlooks and Market Alerts issued by Deacon Industrial Supply are extremely valuable resources that help provide an overview on the material and commodity side of the business. Having this information allows me to help manage my material costs better as well as keep my customers up to date on current market conditions. It’s been a challenge this year alone with ongoing manufacturer increases and availability, the information Deacon provides allows us to make better, more accurate purchasing decisions. Deacon’s ability to compile and share this information with myself, is just another example of how they show true value in our partnership."
Mike P – Project Executive